About Us


Michael "Mikey" is the founder of Colibri Designs & Apparel. Salesman by day and creative by night, Mikey is the mind behind the Colibri brand as a whole. He has connected various artists and others who excel at their craft and turned us into not just a business, but a family. He finds inspiration in urban art and Caribbean culture.

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Mia is the head artist for Colibri and has had a passion for art since her childhood. She met Mikey in college where they remained good friends. A few years later, once they started dating, Mikey noticed Mia's unusual style of art and fascination with color. Thus, the brand Colibri was born. When she is not thinking of ideas for our next drop, Mia is collaborating with our other artists and digitalizing their ideas. She is inspired by pop art and 90s street style.

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Andres is a digital artist like you've never seen before. With a keen eye for clean lines and abstract designs, Andres is one of our most unique artists. We promise you've never seen anything comprable to his work. He finds his inspiration in abstract art.

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Daniel is an artist for Colibri. A master of doodles, when he touches a pencil to paper you never know what he will amaze you with next. He finds inspiration in the skate community, street art, and music.


Kevin "Kev" is an artist for Colibri. He is inspired heavily by anime, abstract/realism art, and 90s and 2000s streetwear and sneakers. While you're here, check out his sneaker resale company he founded with Goodie, Soled Out Kickz.

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Anthony "Goodie" is Mikey's right-hand-man. Together, they plan to take over the world. But for now, Goodie helps the artists come up with new ideas and merchandise. Relax? Never. When Goodie isn't plotting with Mikey or collaborating with our artists, he's busy running his own sneaker resale company with Kev, Soled Out Kickz.

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Eddie is an apparel consultant for Colibri. Owning his own clothing resale company "Namebrand Retail," he has an eye for fashion and upcoming styles. Eddie takes the magic created by our artists and recommends trending styles to put them on. He is inspired by past fashion trends and new viral looks.


Isaiah "Zay" is a photographic genius. The eye behind Colibri photo shoots, Zay knows all the right angles, lighting, and venues. To inquire Zay for a photoshoot, you can hit him at ZayBewley@gmail.com. Don't tell us, though. We get kinda jealous.

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Lexi "Lex" is our social media manager. Being the brains behind our brand, Lex is our backstage manager who deserves center-stage recognition. Aside from working with Colibri, Lex puts her communication degree to work with big brands such as Spencer's Gifts and Spirit Halloween.

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